Lista polecanych lamp do różnych pomieszczeń w domu, biorąc pod uwagę zarówno styl, jak i funkcjonalność.

A list of recommended lamps for various rooms in the house, taking into account both style and functionality.

  1. Living room:

    • Style/Theme: Modern or Contemporary
    • Lamp types: floor lamps, table lamps or a combination of both.
    • Light intensity/color temperature: Warm and inviting; A temperature of 2700K to 3000K is ideal.
    • Budget: Mid to high range for quality and style.


    • Arched floor lamps for a modern look.
    • Table lamps with decorative lampshades.
  2. Bedroom:

    • Style/Theme: Cozy and relaxing
    • Lamp types: bedside lamps, wall sconces or hanging lamps.
    • Light intensity/color temperature: Soft and warm; 2700K to 3000K
    • Budget: mid-range; focus on comfort and atmosphere.


    • Night lamps with dimmer.
    • Pendant lamps with fabric or frosted glass shades.
  3. Kitchen:

    • Style/theme: modern or industrial
    • Types of lamps: Under-cabinet lighting, lamps hanging above the island, recessed lighting.
    • Light intensity/color temperature: Bright and cool; 3500K to 4500K for task lighting.
    • Budget: Medium to high range of quality and functionality.


    • LED under cabinet lighting for task lighting.
    • Hanging lamps with metal or glass shades, giving a modern character.
  4. Dining room:

    • Style/theme: elegant or formal
    • Lamp types: chandeliers, hanging lamps and wall sconces.
    • Light intensity/color temperature: Warm and inviting; 2700K to 3000K
    • Budget: Mid to high range for a focal point in the room.


    • Crystal chandeliers for an elegant look.
    • Dimmable pendant lights for an adjustable atmosphere.
  5. Home office:

    • Style/Theme: Functional and productive
    • Lamp types: desk lamps, task lighting or adjustable floor lamps.
    • Light intensity/color temperature: Bright and focused; 4000K to 5000K
    • Budget: Mid-range in terms of functionality and energy efficiency.


    • Adjustable LED desk lamps with multiple brightness levels.
    • Task lighting with adjustable arms for targeted lighting.
  6. Bathroom:

    • Style/Theme: Spa-style or modern
    • Lamp Types: Vanity lamps, wall-mounted lights or recessed lights.
    • Light intensity/color temperature: Bright and clear; 3500K to 4500K
    • Budget: Mid-range options that are waterproof and stylish.


    • LED vanity lamps with an elegant look.
    • Wall sconces made of frosted glass giving a modern character.
  7. Passage/corridor:

    • Style/Theme: Greeting and invitation
    • Types of lamps: ceiling lamps, pendant lamps or wall lamps.
    • Light intensity/color temperature: Warm and inviting; 2700K to 3000K
    • Budget: Mid-range for a stylish entry.


    • Statement hanging lamps or chandeliers.
    • Wall sconces for additional atmosphere.

When choosing lamps, remember to consider the overall design and color scheme of your home to ensure a cohesive and harmonious look. Additionally, always check out energy-efficient options, especially if you're on a budget or want to reduce your environmental impact.

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